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Live Streaming & Online Event Services

Live Streaming & Capture of Online Talks, Presentations & Demonstrations

We work with a number of streaming platforms, software packages and video conferencing solutions to ensure we can provide the necessary features to facilitate the needs of a variety of event types and live stream setups. We’ve worked with large multistage events with hundreds of speakers connecting from the comfort of their own homes, through to international conferences with complex requirements (interactivity, high fidelity audio etc)

Virtual Event Production & Online Event Management

We know that an event is more than just the content of the talks or presentations. Its often the atmosphere, the interaction, the things that happen between the talk sessions that really make the event memorable to attendees. We strive to create online events that mimic and include as many of these features of a physical event as possible. We feel that interaction is key for a successful event, whether that be online or offline. 

Live Streaming Of Talks, Presentations & Live Performances / Demonstrations

Types of Online Events

  • Virtual Conferences
  • Online Seminars and Workshops
  • Online Conference
  • Online Lectures & Talks
  • Virtual Product Launches
  • Virtual Award Shows
  • Online Festivals
  • Online Networking Events

Our Services Include:

  • Fully Branded Live Streams
  • Professional Vision Mixing & Graphics
  • A Range Of Broadcasting Options
  • Flexibility to Meet All Needs & Requirements
  • Technical Support (For Speakers & Attendees)
  • Online Event Management Infrastructure
  • Training of Staff & Volunteers
  • Rehearsals and Technical Checks

We have worked across a range of events, systems, streaming platforms and requirements to always produce the highest quality streams possible. Our team can work with events of all sizes and requirements, from simple half day meet-ups through to huge online conferences, with complex technical and scheduling requirements.

We like to provide outcomes, not just services with high price tags. We work to ensure no stone is unturned and that all possible eventualities have been considered and accounted for. We can work with speakers to adjust their setup and broadcast conditions, to ensure the highest quality possible, even if they are broadcasting from home.

Virtual Venues & Interactive Events

Virtual Venue Spaces 

We are on a mission to show the world what online events can really be like! Events should be exciting, engaging and entertaining, whether online or offline. We work with a number of platforms and services, to create unique, interactive events delivering attendees the full event experience through our reimagined online venues. Chat with other attendees, visit the expo hall, watch an interactive stream or hang out in the event Slack or Discord server!

Inclusion For All Through Online

We have witnessed first hand how moving events online can open them up to a wider audience of possible attendees. Many events, particularly conferences and expos, are often off limits to many international attendees or those from certain demographics. An online event provides access to every country on the planet, without the huge costs involved with attending the equivalent physical event (travel, accommodation, food etc).

Virtual Venues Include:

  • Interactive Floor Plans With Intuitive Navigation
  • Round Table Chat For Groups of 8 Attendees
  • Simple Access To Talk Sessions
  • Links to Support, Agenda & Companion Systems
  • Many Sponsor Branding Options

Event Support & Companion System

  • Slack Or Discord Server for Help Desk, Chat and Organization
  • Scheduling System with Personal Agendas
  • Integration With Event Website
  • Access to Recordings of Streams After The Session Has Finished
  • Public Livestreams to YouTube / Facebook etc
  • Event Management System
Tables For Group Chat
User Controls
Navigation (Enter Talk Sessions or Enter Expo Hall)
Support Links
Sponsor Branding
Interactive Exhibitor Booths
User Controls
Navigation (Enter Talk Sessions or Enter Lobby Hall)
AFK Tables for Inactive Users

Event Filming, Promotional Videos & Highlight Reels

Types of Events

  • Business Expos
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibition Filming
  • Festivals
  • Team Building Events
  • Networking Events

Can Include:

  • Single, dual or multicamera setups
  • Motion Graphics
  • Timelapses
  • Interviews
  • Additional Branding/Titles
  • Animated Logo

A promotional video, highlight reel or general event video is a proven way to increase attendance for ticketed events. Distributable online through Social Media; these types of social video have a far greater reach then ever before.

Your Promo video can include timelapses, interviews, motion graphics, music, clips of speakers, delegates and any key moments over the duration of your event.

Complimentary Upload Service

We will upload the final edited videos to one online platform of your choice.  This video can then often be embedded into other websites and shared on all of your social media platforms.

YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive Video Upload Service

Video Optimization Service

In addition, as an optional extra we also offer an optimization service designed with the intention to be as searchable as possible both on Google and on your chosen video platform so that your video(s) get as many views as possible.

As part of our video optimization service, we will:

  • Create an optimized title, description and keywords for the video.
  • Produce a high resolution thumbnail which would have graphics and your logo.
  • Produce an end screen with suggested videos to help direct users from one of your videos to another.
  • Manage the release times of your videos to ensure interest in your YouTube channel over a longer period.

Optimizing multiple videos can end up having a very beneficial effect with regards to increasing viewership of your YouTube channel and gaining more subscribers. This data can then be used to attract companies to sponsor your videos which can then help offset the filming costs.

Take A Look At Our Optimized Video

YouTube Channel Management and Comment Screening Service

We provide an inclusive management service for YouTube channels both big and small. The majority of our clients choose to display the videos we create on their YouTube channel, however they dont always have the time available to properly manage their channel or optimize it for better performance. Our YouTube management service gives our clients peace of mind that their channel is correctly optimized for the most views / viewer retention whilst any comments are handled in a professional manner.


Our service starts from £100 a month and includes:

  • Comment Screening, Management and Forwarding service.
  • Replying to comments
  • Channel Optimization
  • General Channel Management and Maintenance

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Automated Video Distribution Service

Creating videos of your conference or event can provide huge value when correctly executed. However, where many events fall short is in distributing their videos correctly and effectively to maximize viewership. This can be a time consuming process, especially if there’s a large volume of videos that need publicizing or if there are multiple distribution channels for each video to be promoted on. To address this, we have created a bespoke, automated, video distribution system.

Post New Videos

Our system will automatically push newly published videos out to your chosen social media accounts, blog, website or other compatible platforms. As videos are released on YouTube they are automatically pushed to your social accounts or platforms of your choice. The automated posts include a link to the video but can also be further customized to include hashtags (pulled from the video tags), pictures and other elements that can be pulled from the original video post on YouTube

Post Archive (Evergreen Content) on an Automated Schedule.

Archive videos can be posted out to your social accounts on a fixed schedule. This can provide additional value to older content (as long as its still relevant) and can provide a consistent posting base for your various social accounts. Videos can be pulled from your library of videos on YouTube and then posted to your social accounts every X hours. This has a benefit to the videos as they receive more promotion / exposure but also provides value to your social accounts by providing regular automated posts, even when their might not normally be someone available to do it (throughout the nighttime for example).

Can We Help Distribute Your Videos?

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Conference/Event Assets and Support Services

We can provide an array of supporting services to compliment our regular conference and events filming capabilities. We can generate assets a range of assets for your event from holding slides to provide a seamless transition from one speaker to the next, digital signage and agendas that provide attendees information regarding the event and schedule through to support services such as managing your media output, uploading videos and managing your YouTube or other Social accounts.

Conference and Event Services

  • Speaker Intro Slides
  • Animated Holding Slides
  • Digital Signage
  • Interviews
  • Speaker/Attendee Testimonials
  • Timelapses & Hyperlapses

Support Services:

  • Upload Service
  • YouTube Management
  • Advice and Help with Distribution
  • Media Archiving Service
  • Social Media Advice and Branding
  • Advice on Video Sponsorship

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